Camba Juniors is a youth mountain bike club based in Northeastern Ohio, under the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA)

The mission:

  • To cultivate and promote an enjoyable experience for all youth and families throughout CAMBA’s Territory; to encourage youth to spend their free time in healthy, self-esteem, and confidence building activity; to discourage delinquency in youth by giving safe and healthy exercise and recreational opportunities and to grow and maintain a bicycle friendly community through awareness, safety, and promotion of bicycling for fun. 


Open to any youth; strider bikes through high-school who are interested in riding as a club and team with a focus on skills and fun.



1. Introducing children and youth to the local trails.

2. Providing guidance, support, education, and skills to grow the sport.

3. To help foster an appreciation for the environment through education.

4. Promote local mountain biking.

5. Collaborate with other clubs and main CAMBA group.

6. Promote trail etiquette and how to coexist on trails with other trail user.

7. To develop a race team while helping to minimize the fear of racing.

2019 at Hampton Hills

2019 at Hampton Hills